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Welcome - LiveJournal ColdFusion User Group

hpana_cheeserOct. 17th, 2003 11:49 am Welcome

We're the first-ever LiveJournal ColdFusion User Group (LJCFUG).

I'm Jeff, 23, a full-time CF developer. I've written a couple functions on CFLib.org and am webmaster of a Harry Potter fan site (HPANA), which employs a lot of the new MX features.

This community exists to help ColdFusion developers find each other on LiveJournal, share tips and gripes, and just chat about anything CF.

Our official site, TotalFusion, is now online and will be made into an archive for random stuff that anyone here to contribute to.

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Date:October 17th, 2003 09:58 am (UTC)
Nice job with the UDFs. Simple but save a lot of redundant coding.

I really should do contributions of functions and tutorials as I've been doing CF since 3.0, but it seems most of my ideas are taken.
Date:October 17th, 2003 11:06 am (UTC)

Yes, you should...

I got in early on CFLib so I was able to contribute some original functions. Now it seems a lot of the more "generic" utilities are all made. It's a great resource.

I've been really getting into MX 6.1's new features. They've vastly improved CFHTTP and I use it to scrape content efficiently for my Harry Potter news aggregator. I'm also using Amazon's XML Web Services API, which totally rocks (example).